Punto de vista didáctico en el proceso de resolución de problemas


The book: “Didactic point of view in the process of solving problems”, has the objective of contributing to the preparation of teachers to have a favorable impact on the problem solving process in the classroom. It consists of a chapter and five epigraphs.

The book presents a conceptual part that defines the foundation, where the work is directed with solved examples, with its own didactics on comprehension, addressed in four sections, ending with an epigraph of proposed exercises. The material that is exposed contains a large number of solved examples, in which the work methodology used is exemplified, which constitutes a didactic contribution to the study of Mathematics.



Franklin Antonio Merchán García
José Efraín Álava Cruzatty
Cristhian José Álava Mero
Laura Cristina Merchán Nieto
Jimmy Leonardo Gutiérrez García
Kléver Germiniano Marcillo Parrales
Hugo Stalin Baque Cantos
Pastor Bonifacio Lino Alvarado