Our methodology

3Ciencias is an online publishing company that offers a service for the publication of those results that are the result of research work. All our publications are previously submitted to an evaluation process of double-blind pairs.

In 3Ciencias we published research articles in Open Access through three international and electronic journals, edited by Area of ​​Innovation and Development, S.L. Each of them treats a different scientific theme and the periodicity is quarterly. These are publications that follow Open Access policies, without presenting embargo policies.

In addition, 3Ciencias also publishes scientific books. Our collections are:



With regard to the evaluation system of 3Ciencias journals, this is double-blind peer review, in which two experts evaluate the work. In addition, this implies that the experts do not know the identity of the author or authors of the work, nor vice versa.

In 3Ciencias we use the OJS platform to do the editorial process. The editorial team reviews the work previously, to verify that the work has a line of research that fits with the disciplines that cover the journals (in this case, 3C TIC, 3C Company and 3C Technology). It is also taken into account that it complies with the instructions, and that it fits with the template of the corresponding journal.

Once it has been determined that it complies with the aforementioned aspects, the name of the author, affiliation and other information people are removed and the expert reviewers are assigned. When the reviewers evaluate the work the author is informed of the verdict in a justified manner. The options are several:

  • It is necessary to modify certain elements of the work
  • Final rejection
  • It is ready to publish

If modifications are required, the author must follow the indications proposed and resend the work with these incorporated. The Editorial Committee, in this case, would reassign  reviewers to reevaluate the work.

If it is suggested by reviewers that the article should be rejected, it is reevaluated by the committee and, if the parties are in agreement the article is archived and the procedures for publication are canceled.

In the case that one reviewer suggests that it sould be rejected and the other recommends to publish the article, another reviewer will be assigned until a mojority decision is made.

Finally, if the reviewers indicate that it is a publishable article, it is published and scheduled for the corresponding editioon of the journal.

The approximate time it takes an article to be published ranges from 2 to 5 months.



As for the books, these are reviewed by the expert in the discipline of the Editorial Committee and by the Editorial Board itself. The time of publication from the reception of the manuscript is between 15 and 30 days.