3Ciencias is a scientific-social publishing house where original research works are disseminated that cover different topics related to the Economy and Business and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

1.1. Editorial Objective
The Scientific Editorial 3Ciencias intends to transmit innovative ideas and projects to society, embodied in original articles submitted to double-blind peer review and in books published with the highest scientific and technical quality.

1.2. Our audience
• Research staff.
• PhD students.
• University professors.
• Research Results Transfer Offices (OTRI).
• Companies that carry out research work and want to publish some of their work.

1.3. Information on the Committees
The Editorial Board is made up of academics and specialists from the national and international level.
The acceptance / rejection of the articles is finally taken by them, having as maximum representative the Editorial Director and in coordination with the Drafting Secretariat.

The Editorial Committee and Advisory Committee are two support bodies and working groups made up of teachers, researchers and experts in certain scientific fields at national and international level. Among its functions are:

  • Establish the editorial policy of the magazine and ensure compliance.
  • To guide the editorial process in order to guarantee the highest scientific and technical quality, based on the criteria established by the databases and evaluation systems of national and international journals.
  • Ensure compliance with ethical standards of publication.

From the Editorial 3Ciencias, a promotion and dissemination plan of the texts is followed so that they reach greater visibility and impact. The social networks used to disseminate the works are: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, in addition to the inclusion of books in Google Books and Dialnet. In addition, readers can follow us in our RSS.

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