Books topic

3Ciencias publishes the following collections:

Engineering and Technology: It covers the entire technological field and the different engineerings. The aim is to apply the set of technical and scientific knowledge for the innovation and development of techniques and tools that improve and satisfy the needs of companies and society.

ICT: Within this collection are grouped everything related to Information and Communication Technologies.

Educational Didactics and Innovation: It includes the scientific-pedagogical discipline that has as object of study the processes and elements existing in teaching and learning.

Economics, Organization and Social Sciences: This collection covers three related topics. In the first place, Economy refers to the Social Science that is dedicated to the study of the processes of production, exchange and consumption of goods and services. Organization is the process of organizing the resources (human, financial and material) that a company has to achieve the desired objectives. And Social Sciences encompasses those sciences or scientific disciplines that deal with aspects of human behavior and activities.

Sciences and Letters: This collection encompasses the two main branches of human knowledge. It includes disciplines such as the human sciences, and the physical-natural sciences and exact.

Medicine and health: It includes those works whose main axis is medicine and the different branches of it, for example: Surgery, Dentistry, Neurology, Oncology, Pediatrics, etc.