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According to the Information Society and E-commerce Law (art. 10 Ley 34/2002), hereby the company’s details.

Name social: Editorial Científica 3ciencias
Social name: Área de Innovación y Desarrollo, S.L.
CIF: B54622386
Address social: C/Els Alzamora 17 03802 Alcoy (Alicante)
Phone number: (+34) 868 060 566

Name: Editorial Científica 3ciencias


This website is owned by Editorial Científica 3ciencias, whose commercial name is EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS (“ EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS” from now on).

Accessing EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS’s website implies you accept the following conditions:



“EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS”’s logo and name, as well as other distinctive signs (both graphic or textual), appearing in this website are exclusively property of EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS, meaning that this is the only authorized entity to use them.

All content in this website, texts, images, etc., as well as its graphic design and fontcode are protected by the Spanish legislation on intellectual and industrial property rights in favor of EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS.

It is, then, totally forbidden to reproduce, distribute or communicate them, publicly, totally or parcially, without express authorization from EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS.


Editorial Científica 3ciencias

In the same way, as stated in previous paragraphs, this domain’s name, “WWW.ELECTROSHOWROOM.ES”, as well as every other name that can be used to access this website, are exclusively owned by EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS. Incorrect use of those would mean an infraction of their registering rights and will be punished through the means stated by the pertinent Laws.



Users are authorized by EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS to view, print, copy or save in their hard drives or any other storage mediums, the contents and objects in this website, protected or not by the exclusivity rights (except for software), when their purpose is to use, personally and privately, with no commercial or distribution purpose, and without modifying, altering or decompiling said rights and contents. This personal use license will be understood as exercised provided that property rights, both intellectual and industrial, are respected.

Any other use of the contents or intellectual creations contained in this website will require an express written authorization from EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS.



EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS reserves the right of taking any legal actions required in order to protect their intellectual and industrial rights, towards a non authorized use of them or any other action that could harm them.



The links the users can find on this website while surfing allow them to leave the website.

Said linked websites are not related, except for the cases where it is stated, to EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS, who is not responsible of the contents in the websites the users access when clicking on the links, nor it is responsible for any modifications, the use the user gives to them or the technical service state of said websites.


In any case, EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS commits to avoiding this website containing any links to illegal content sites, that promote illicit, racist, xenophobe activities and, in general, those who infringe upon the principles of human freedom and dignity or any rights included in the Spanish Constitution and the Human Rights Declaration.


In the case that any user considered that a link in this website lessens, in any way, their rights or means any harm to them, they can communicate it to the owner of this website by sending an email to EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS, trusting measures will be taken in order to fix this.



EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS is not responsible of the use of this website. Each user accessing this website is exclusively responsible of their use.



EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS reserves the right of modifying or deleting, without any previous notice, any information contained in this website, as well as its configuration or presentation, without taking any responsibility for this.



EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS will not take any responsibility coming from technical issues in the digital equipment during the connection to Internet, nor any damage caused by third parties through illicit intromissions out of EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS’s control.


In additions, we are exonerated of any responsibility regarding any possible damage or harm the user may suffer due to errors, defects or omissions in the information we provide when it comes from third parties.



In general, access to EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS’s contents is free, and it is not required to provide any kind of personal data, or to subscribe or use any user and password, except for the restricted area in EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS’s clients section.


When, in order to book a service or request information on it, it is necessary to provide any personal data, users will guarantee their truthfulness, exactitude, authenticity and validity. EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS guarantees to give the appropriate automatized treatment according to their nature and purpose, according to the terms and conditions stated under Privacy Policy.


In those cases where it is necessary to use login details (username and password), the user commits to using them respecting the following restrictions:


Passwords, chosen by the users, will not contain anything that goes against the moral and generally accepted customs, nor infringe, in any case, any third party industrial or intellectual property, honor, or image rights.


Login details are meant to be exclusively and personally used by its owner, and its custody and appropriate use are their responsibility. EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS is not responsible of any harm caused by the user or third parties as a consequence of other people using their login details, with or without the user’s consent and knowledge.


In spite of this, EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS commits to preserving the secrecy of any passwords used by this website’s users.



The use of EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS’s website must obey the rules contained in these General Conditions, as well as any other related laws and the moral rules and generally accepted customs, as well as law enforcement rules.

Except in case they have a previous and express authorization from EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS, users will just be allowed to use contents and services offered in this website for personal purposes, avoiding any act that could, directly or indirectly, suppose any commercial use.


In any case, users will be able to use contents and services offered by EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS according to the present legislation, taking any corresponding responsibility regarding their behavior or activities that, in any manner, may result illicit or harmful for third parties’ rights or may damage, impede or limit the use of this website to other users.


Users commit and accept not to spread or send any messages, images, photographs, software, data or contents through EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS that:


– harm in any way the fundamental rights contained in the corresponding regulations and laws.

– promote in any way criminal, denigrating, defamatory, violent, discriminatory actions because of sex, race, religion, ideology or, in general, any actions that are against the laws, moral rules or enforcement rules.

– are fake, ambiguous, inexact, exaggerated, obscene or extemporary.

– are protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, except in case of previous authorization signed by the owner.

– harm or may harm the rights of honor, personal privacy, image or are against the secret or confidentiality of communications.

– include illicit, fake or disloyal advertising.

– contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs or any other material or software that may harm or alter any digital equipment.

EDITORIAL CIENTÍFICA 3CIENCIAS reserves the right of denying any user acting against these General Conditions the access to this website, any time and without previous notice.