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3Ciencias publishes 3C Empresa. Investigación y pensamiento crítico, 3C Tecnología. Glosas de innovación aplicadas a la pyme, and 3C TIC. Cuadernos de desarrollo aplicados a las TIC. Development notebooks applied to ICTs according to the national open access policy and under Creative Commons licenses “Attribution – NonCommercial (by-nc)”. Our mission is to contribute to promote learning, knowledge and research worldwide. As part of this objective, 3Ciencias takes a neutral position on issues addressed in its journals. These journals serve to promote academic debates on various topics, regardless of their nature, or other potentially or
thematically controversial subjects.

The publication of an article in a peer-reviewed academic journal serves several functions, one of which is to validate and preserve the “minutes” of research. It is therefore of immense importance that those “minutes” be accurate and reliable. The act of publishing involves many parts, each playing an important role in achieving these goals. Thus, it follows that the author, layout designer, editor, reviewer, publisher, and journal owner meet expected ethical standards at all stages of their involvement, from submission to publication.

3Ciencias is committed to meeting and maintaining standards of ethical behavior at all stages of the publication process. We share the values of organizations, such as the Commission on Publication Ethics (COPE), which sets standards and provides guidelines on best practices to meet these requirements. Below is a summary of our key expectations of publishers, reviewers and authors.