Journals topic

3ciencias publishes three international and electronic journals:

3C Empresa is a scientific-social journal, where original works are spread for dissemination with empirical and theoretical analyzes on financial markets, leadership, human resources, market microestructure, public accounting and bussines management.

3C Tecnología is a scientific-social journal in which original works that cover Architecture and the different fields of Engineering are disseminated, such as Mechanical, Industrial, Computer, Electrical, Agronomic, Naval, Physics, Chemistry, Civil, Electronics, Forestry, Aeronautics and Telecommunications. 

3C TIC is a scientific-social journal that spreads original works related with the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Telecommunications to Society, Education and Business Management. 

The journals are intended to disseminate new knowledge among the academic and scientific community in the form of a research article. So, the target audience for publications is:

• Research staff.
• PhD students.
• University professors.
• Research Results Transfer Offices (OTRI).
• Companies that develop research work and want to publish some of their studies.