You must send the letter of presentation for books duly signed and completed to the email It indicates that the publication is original and is not being published nor has it been published in any other editorial before, totally or partially. The rights of publication and dissemination are also assigned and other terms of the editorial contract are accepted. It can be signed by digital signature by all authors, or if they wish they can be signed by all authors by hand, then scanning the document.

2.1. Format
Submitted manuscripts must be in Word format or compatible and in color.
The magazine reserves the possibility to edit and correct the articles, even to separate and frame certain portions of the text that are particularly relevant or striking, always respecting the spirit of the original.

2.2. Tables and figures
If the works include tables and/or figures, they must be attached in the submission in editable format (eg, .xlsx or .doc). They must be correctly numbered and with a title that will be arranged below, centered, in Arial typography, in body 8 and with a period at the end.

If the figures are not sent in the corresponding format, a special fee of € 4 will be charged for each figure that the publisher is forced to redesign in order to improve the quality of it, as indicated in the section on Publication prices.

2.3. Extension
The books must have a minimum length of 30 pages.

2.4. Publication language
The language of work and publication of 3Ciencias is Spanish.

2.5. Font format
The text must be justified. The template on the web must be followed at all times for this purpose.
Articles with spelling errors will not be accepted.

The contents must be carefully reviewed before sending.

The following template can be found in the following link:

2.6. Bibliographic references
The APA style will be followed in its 6th Edition, and whenever possible, the permanent link should be added in the bibliographic reference.

Magazine articles:
Clares-Gavilán, J., & Medina-Cambrón, A. (2018). Development and settlement of video on demand (VOD) in Spain: the case of Filmin. El profesional de la Información, 27(4), 909-920. doi:

Bravo Tuárez, T. L. (2018). Contemporary public international law. Alcoy, Spain: Scientific Publishing 3Ciencias. doi:

For more complete information, you can consult the tutorial that we developed in 3Ciencias about bibliographic references and citations in APA format.

From the Editorial 3Ciencias, a promotion and dissemination plan of the texts is followed so that they reach greater visibility and impact. The social networks used to disseminate the works are: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, in addition to the inclusion of books in Google Books and Dialnet. In addition, readers can follow us in our RSS.