Compendio gramatical


The mission of the subject of Techniques of Oral Expression, also known as Spanish Literature in other places, is to contribute to the integral development of students, by promoting their knowledge and appreciation of the masterpieces of universal literature, and the development of his cognitive competence – communicative and sociocultural.

It also focuses on the development of the compression and construction of texts and the improvement of the four linguistic macro abilities: hearing, speaking, reading and writing, for which students are trained in the use of the language of the different contexts. Similarly, the subject should favor the development of skills for the independent study of students, so that priority will be given to methods that encourage the search for information and problem solving.

The authors of this work have prioritized, from the didactic, the creation of conditions to read and construct texts, as well as to perceive the potential that the seventh art offers, as a motivation in the art of building new knowledge, orally or in writing.


Vanessa Mariuxi García Macías
Yailet Uriarte Espinosa
Miguel Ángel Macias Loor
Juan Carlos Carpio
Gladys Mabel Del Pino Yépez
Gloria Elizabeth Pincay Rodríguez