Research on the development and application of CNN model in mobile payment

Research on the development and application of CNN model in mobile payment

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Publicado en 3C Empresa – Volume 12, Issue 1 (Ed. 51)


Hongyan Liu



As the most widely used payment method at this stage, mobile payment is more and more closely related to the blockchain economy. Traditional methods lack a certain degree of accuracy. This research proposes a feature-based and sequential-based Bilateral AM (BAM) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)-gated recurrent unit for the development and application of mobile payment and blockchain economy (Gated Recurrent Unit, GRU) hybrid model (BAM-CNN-GRU), select 5 feature parameters with high correlation with the blockchain for multivariate prediction. The introduction of BAM can automatically quantify the correlation between the input variables and the blockchain, and strengthen the expression of historical key information on the predicted output; the introduction of CNN can extract high-dimensional features that reflect the non-stationary dynamic changes of the blockchain. The proposed hybrid model achieves good results in both single-step and multi-step long-term series and multivariate input blockchain prediction. Compared with the other six methods, MAE is reduced by 75.45%, 64.74%, 62.84%, respectively. 59.41%, 45.54%, 44.16%. Compared with the BAM-GRU model, the CNN-GRU model, the GRU model, the LSTM model, the support vector machine SVM model and the BP model, the prediction accuracy of the hybrid model has been greatly improved, and it has a broader application prospect.


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BAM-CNN-GRU; Mobile payment; Blockchain; Model comparison

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