Experimental Analysis on Polypropylene Moulded Part for Performance of Laser Printing

Experimental Analysis on Polypropylene Moulded Part for Performance of Laser Printing

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología – Volume 12 Issue 1 (Ed. 43)


Ajay L. Dumanwad
Manoj A. Kumbhalkar
Jaswindar Singh



Now a day plastic injection molding is widely used process to manufacture engineering product and consumer goods typically thermoplastic is combined with rubber or another thermoplastic like RM master batch is used to add color to the Molded part also the laser marking on plastic part and their printing cut, faint issue observed. The aim of the study was to Optimize the injection parameters and processing condition for the laser performance on polypropylene part. To achieve enhanced dark laser marking on polypropylene, the process parameter of plastic injection molding and the Raw material master batch mixing parameter successfully prepared this laser–sensitive composite consisted of a high Laser induced carbonization rate.in plastic injection molding use of raw material and mixing of master batch is considerable factor for faint laser marking. Because of laser does not respond well on carbonization added material, it was evident that master batch having the carbon properties is much more responsible for faint laser marking issue on polypropylene material part.

The effect of laser beam interaction (Nd: YVO4) with selected operational parameters on the Quality of graphical features obtained on the surface of polypropylene-molded pieces with different surface Textures (variable parameters of the surface layer). Polypropylene test specimens were injection molded using original injection molds Products with variable end parameters determined by the position of the cavity circle can be identified. The layout of the laser function, the beneficiary texture of the molded piece, the molded color and the support of the marking piece allow the evaluation of the graphic symbol performance by means of laser marking of the type of master back in their rendering relationship. Marked evaluation criteria were adopted for the project.


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Laser marking, injection moulding, master batch, printing, polypropylene

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