Training in smart metering technologies for construction site managers

Training in smart metering technologies for construction site managers (the Cosmet Project)

The new challenge for the traditional construction training sector is to further expand to the newly introduced field of modern environmental technologies. The current status of site managers’ skills development in relevance to smart metering is not sufficiently, comprehensively and consistently supported by VET programs at the EU level. The COSMET project aims to support VET provision for site managers in smart metering addressing the needs of VET providers, learners, and the sector by offering a modular comprehensive course (MOOC) that ensure easy and free access to relevant educational material and tools.

This work sample didactic units made for the completion of a course MOOC (, within the European Union-funded project called COSMET which aims to support the offer of vocational training for work in relation to the smart metering heads offering a comprehensive modular course that ensures easy and free access to the material and relevant educational tools, responding as well to the needs of providers formation of FP, the students and the sector.

There are six partners that are part of this education project. Five centres formed by Professionals or Training Associations and a European University. Specifically, the consortium iscomposed by the following organisations:

* Summit Skills ( is the Standard Setting Organisation for the Building Services Engineering (BSE) sector in the UK. As an employer-led and employer-owned organisation, Summit Skills’ role is to act as the voice of employers of allsizes across the BSE sector on industry standards and changes to qualifications and apprenticeships, keeping up to speed with policychanges, and ensuring skills development projects meet the day-to-day needs of businesses on the ground.

Summit Skills will be the project coordinator being responsible for the administrative and financial management of the project aswell as the strategic coordination. It will also be responsible for the final delivery of the quality assurance plan, the monitoring ofproject quality, and for supporting the project implementation.

* PROMEA (, the Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research and Development Methodologies, aims at thepromotion and enhancement of the knowledge society in Greece and Europe.

PROMEA will support Summit Skills to deliver the day to day coordination. As aresearch and training methodology expert, it will produce the research tools for data collection on training requirements, and willdevelop the COSMET MOOC.

* The Polish Association of Building Managers ( was formed in cooperation with the Association ofEuropean Building Surveyors & Construction Experts (AEEBC) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) in order to educate andcertificate the managerial building personnel of the Polish construction industry.

PSMB will lead the activities for the mutual recognition of project’s results and establish the framework towards a common EUqualification for construction site managers in smart metering. PSMB will also validate the training and assessment material, contribute with national data collection in the identification of training and skill requirements of the sector and the definition oflearning units, and organise the national information day in Poland.

* The Universitat Politècnica de València ( is a public academic institution dedicated to researching andteaching in the field of construction technologies. Maintaining strong bonds with its social environment and a strong presenceabroad, it provides students all-round education related to technological skills.

UPV will be responsible for the research and development of training materials (training and assessment) in smart metering technologies andservices for site managers in the form of OERs and it will contribute to the development of additional pedagogical materials for theMOOC.

* The Vocational Training Institute of the Construction Industry in North-Rhine Westphalia ( a training centre specialized in future-proof vocational training and continuing education as a non-profitinstitution for the initial and continuing training of workers in the construction industry.

BFW NRW will contribute together with the rest of the partnership to the collection of evidence on training requirements and in thedevelopment of the framework for the recognition of COSMET learning outcomes towards a smart metering for site managers EUqualification.

* Vilnius Builders Training Centre ( is a vocational institution providing vocationaleducation and training for young people (from 15 years of age) and adults (retraining courses). The Centre offers a diverse range of courses and excellent facilities in the main area of Building and Construction.

VSRC will lead the definition of the COSMET learning units by grouping the COSMET learning outcomes in modules and by definingtheir specifications and characteristics. It will also contribute in the development of the COSMET Open Educational Resources bydelivering the trainer handbook.

This work was made possible by the contributions of all the people who are the Cosmet project teams, as well as companies and organisations of which extracted some contents of this work.


This work has been conducted within the framework of the research project COSMET “Training in Smart Meters for Construction Site Managers” funded by the European Commission within the Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships in VET, reference number 2015-1-UK01- KA202-013406.


Elisa Peñalvo López
Francisco Javier Cárcel Carrasco