Territorios hidrosociales: una revisión de la literatura

Most of the water is a non-renewable resource, and the territories that revolve around this resource and its control are related to the most basic emotions of humanity: winning and losing, power and control. This book covers the progress made in terms of hydrosocial territories. For this, the implications of the Public Administration are considered. The book was made in the form of a review of qualitative and inductive literature based on the PRISMA methodology. Literature was selected based on academic criteria that include the relationship with the subject and different regions of the world. In addition, a thematic network was developed with the predominant or global theme of the hydrosocial territories. Organizational issues emerged and subtopics were separated. Recommendations for the future include the need for governments to be transparent and fight corruption. Once this has been achieved, the development of a better understanding of the hydrosocial territories must be addressed and a method to understand and respect the ways of life of indigenous peoples that may be affected by water projects should be developed.


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