Software interactivo y su contribución en el aprendizaje para los niños del C.I.B.V del cantón Jipijapa

The design and implementation of interactive software and its contribution to learning
for the children of the C.I.B.V "Our Lady of Mercy" in the Citadel Eloy
Alfaro del Cantón Jipijapa, is an important tool that will allow children
the acquisition of intellectual skills, when interacting with different activities
that the application offers, such as; the colors, the vowels, the numbers, songs,
videos and notions.
Due to the technological advances that are becoming more sophisticated at present,
gives the power to implement improvements in educational institutions with the
purpose of strengthening the knowledge of children and awakening in them intelligences
multiple, for this reason the present investigation is developed to achieve a
academic achievement of significant learning in children from 1 to 3 years.
The development of each of the chapters is subdivided as follows:
problematic, theoretical framework, methodologies, proposal, conclusions, recommendations
and annexes. In which the breakdown of the investigation is detailed from its
approach to the presentation of results, which will have as solution the
development and implementation of the system.
The proposed model meets the criteria of pedagogical and interactive teaching learning
for children from 1 to 3 years, through the platform, educators will be able to
work freely in the process of knowledge construction, for this also
Verification and evaluation of the process is required.

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