Sistema de comunicación inalámbrico con tecnología Mikrotik y su contribución en la transmisión de voz y datos en el terminal terrestre del cantón Jipijapa

This book aims to inform about the creation of the research project, basing its essence on the technology of information and wireless communication to promote social interaction among the citizens of the canton Jipijapa, turning the canton into a digital city, which is a right transcendental in the National Development Plan of the Republic of Ecuador. The present project was born from the need of users and tourists of the terrestrial terminal “Xipixapa”, which through surveys was determined the lack of a communication system, considering the deficiency of a means of communication and transmission of data, in the establishment . For the execution of the project, it has been necessary to develop objectives that identify and structure strategies for the creation of a wireless communication system, thus approaching a theoretical framework with a turning point around computing, all based on quantitative and qualitative research that promotes through a detailed and technical study on the use of ICT’s. Concludes with a computer proposal that aims to design and implement the wireless system with Mikrotik technology, contributing directly to the transmission of voice and data to the users of the Jipijapa Canton land terminal and encouraging the use of the digital service through the Internet, for example maps, Real-time information and video calls among other services, allowing people to connect for free.