Seguridad e higiene del trabajo aplicado a la construcción

Since the dawn of history, man has made his instinct of conservation a platform for defense against bodily injury; such an effort was probably initially personal, instinctive – defensive. Thus was born Security, reflected in a simple individual effort rather than in an organized system. The first references that have about the study of risks date back to the 4th century ANE, Hippocrates (the father of Medicine) makes mention of ailments present in occupations of the time recommended to the miners the use of hygienic baths in order to avoid the saturation of lead. Plinio the Elder (DNE starts) discover diseases among the miners and points out some elements of personal protection such as masks made with animal bladders. In the second century DNE Galeno mentions some occupational diseases in workers of the islands of the Mediterranean. Also Plato and Aristóles studied certain physical deformations produced by certain occupational activities, raising the need for their prevention. With the French Revolution, security corporations were set up to protect artisans, the economic base of the time.



Dunia Lisbet Domínguez Galve
Alberto Rodríguez Rodríguez
Freddy Humberto Guillen Morales
Mercedes Narcisa Villacreses Macias
Miguel Perfecto Terán García
Jessica Geoconda Guadamud Vera
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