Relaciones de las categorías pedagógicas en función del aprendizaje óptimo

This work is part of a larger study of the Pedagogy Project whose purpose is the construction of a conceptual framework that serves as the basis for the development of a pedagogical theory and for the conception of the transformations required by the school model. The General Project begins with the historical outline of educational ideas and also addresses research on the scientific nature of pedagogy and the philosophical, sociological and psychological foundations of pedagogy.
Starting from the fact that we assume pedagogy as a science with an integrative function of the rest of the educational sciences and other knowledge that, such as didactics and school organization, constitute its branches, the need to deepen in its categorical system; in the first place because it is one of the aspects that is required to achieve its theoretical solidity and, secondly, because without the precision of that system it would be very difficult to fulfill one of its main functions: that of orienting the pedagogical practice.
To this are added other specific circumstances, where, due to the development we have achieved in education, there has been an increase in empirical knowledge that, when generalized, could constitute foundations to enrich the theory and, consequently, strengthen the practice. There is also a valuable pedagogical tradition that, through a systematization process, can lead us to an indigenous scientific conception of how to educate in the current conditions of our society, without forgetting the most advanced of universal pedagogical ideas.


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