Relación costos-clientes y competencias desde la Administración

The bases of modern competition do not lie exclusively in the costs, but to a much greater extent, in a differentiation that must be achieved by better satisfying the customers and the public in general.

Hence, the first thing that determines the success of the Organization over time is the capacity it has to understand the reason for its existence, that is, its supra-objective: to create value to satisfy customers.

Creating value for customers is the only way for the company to stay in the market and obtain the expected income and profits, which represents the value for the owner. The long-term success of an organization lies in its relationships with customers, it can be concluded that the economic and social justification for the existence of an organization is the set of customers who have expectations, tastes or desires related to the satisfaction of a certain need, before which they are willing to exchange resources (in terms of money, time or another type of resource) in exchange for receiving a satisfactory that is capable of solving the problem that gave rise to the need, in the way that The client conceives it. They indirectly affect the value that the aforementioned groups receive.



Daniel David Carvajal Rivadeneira
Adrián Oscar Macías Loor
Ibeth Patricia Párraga Solórzano
Alfredo Javier Carvajal Rivadeneira