Re-diseño curricular de la carrera de licenciatura en Administración de Empresas

Higher education is currently in constant transformation, where great efforts are made to design curricular projects and face the challenges imposed by the national and international educational context in its connection with the work environment, to respond in the training of professionals through the improvement of the theoretical and instrumental cognitive instruments of teaching and research. Starting from this approach with clarity and specificity, the authors of this book, present a proposal of curricular Re-design for the Career Business Administration, can be understood as a dimension of the curriculum that reveals the methodology, actions and the result of the diagnosis, Modeling, structuring and organization of curricular projects, orienting it to training based on Competences. Re-design based on competencies, is the result of work that responds to social demands in the training of professionals, constituting an educational project, which serves as a guide and conditions the development of the process. This re-design has resulted in a double activity of updating this Career, on the one hand the conception itself from this new educational perspective and on the other hand the fact of establishing training needs for the performance of work in this professional area and the ways of university work to meet those environmental needs. In competency-based education, the elaboration of curricular re-design emphasizes the role that teachers must play in the three basic areas of their profile as facilitators of the teaching process, which are: the ethical-value dimension, which considers the principles of citizenship and human coexistence; the academy, which includes knowledge about the discipline and the ability to investigate and generate knowledge; and the professional, in which she brings her competitive experience to transmit it as an example of improvement and achievement, especially in terms of specific competences, which should be points of strength for institutions specialized in the training of professionals. Successful Business Administration Graduates . This work will become a guiding instrument that will impact the university community, because professionally, we unite the common purpose in the educational work, strengthen the quality of our education and be competitive as professors, committed to the graduates to respond to their capabilities as society demands.