Metodologías y tecnologías de la información en la educación


Currently, information and communication technologies are immersed in most of the daily activities carried out by people, in the last decades ICTs have become part of the daily life of educational centers. These technologies allow addressing access, inclusion, equality and quality in the teaching and learning of students.

The main objective of this book is to learn about different concepts of how to understand ICT, its current components and the applications it has in the field of education. This research work is aimed at high school students, university education and their teachers, since the tools described are known in both areas of knowledge. The content of the work in its different chapters provides knowledge on information and communication technologies in the field of education, skills, benefits and challenges of its implementation in classrooms.

Also in this work we analyze the different learning methodologies and how ICTs are integrated with them, it has been proven how technology has invaded the classrooms of education centers accompanying new teaching and learning processes through new models such as Behaviorism, constructivism and models of impartation. It also describes the different collaborative learning tools and web 2.0, used in the educational field to facilitate the teaching process.