The origin of MERCHANDISING can place it at the birth of modern points of sale that develop the techniques of visualization, enhancement and rotation of the merchandise.
In the history of large stores, where the development of new methods of marketing products begins:
1852: the great store was born in France.
1878: popular stores are born in the United States.
1930: the supermarket was born in the United States.

The self-service and then the supermarket arrived, which brought new sales methods, which shakes the image of the “neighborhood shopkeeper”, advising clients – even calling them by name – about the best products in the store, selling in bulk – no brand – I always request, with a white coat or jacket behind an old counter.
At the beginning of the 80s, the “boom” of the hypermarkets began, with strong competition among thousands of brands, references, sizes and capacities.
Enter the “silent sellers” of marketing at the point of sale (packaging, price, offers, advertising, etc.).
From the point of view of the manufacturer of consumer products, MERCHANDISING is one of the most important elements of its marketing, placing it together with the variables of the supply reinforcement and the establishment of the pricing policy for the channels.