Los procesos, las técnicas de negociación y la tecnología

Negotiation is a permanent and inherent activity of the human being, which develops in almost all the activities of his life. It is negotiated in the family, and within it there are different negotiations between the couple, and in relation to the children; It is negotiated at work and in all daily activities.

Most people, and especially entrepreneurs, are constantly involved in negotiations of different kinds. For example, when they meet to establish a contract, buy or sell any product or service, resolve deficiencies, make collective decisions, agree on work plans, etc.

Therefore, negotiate, and negotiate well, acquires a fundamental importance to achieve better relationships in life and, as a result, more pleasant and solid positions. For all this, to negotiate, deserves to be studied.



Carmen Argentina Alvarez Vásquez 
Humberto Fabricio Rivera Vera 
Gema Monserrate Conforme Cedeño 
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