Los mapas mentales armónicos en dispositivos móviles para la comprensión y producción de textos narrativos

This book presents a teaching-learning strategy for university students almost as Josette Jolibert might have thought for elementary school children, in the sense that it links both writing and reading in the same binary competition. Based on the findings of two theses and a scientific article, a review is carried out in the first instance of both the problematic reality of literacy, as well as previous work and its progressive logic of proposing mechanisms and alternative solutions throughout its development. Finally, a teaching-learning proposal is proposed whose purpose is the improvement both in the production and in the understanding of narrative texts using the Mind Maps within an environment of mobile devices. The results of these purposes are endorsed in a quasi-experimental investigation whose results indicate that mental maps have a significant impact on the production of narrative texts as well as their understanding in both literal, inferential and value criticism. Finally, this publication bases its importance in the sense of the mixed search for a very latent problem in our country, which by making its students effective protagonists of their own knowledge, will have future citizens better prepared and above all more critical in forging a society not only developed, but more transcendent.


The authors