La utilización del comercio electrónico como forma de interacción en la planificación estratégica empresarial

This book is undoubtedly of interest to all people whose main role is to offer a quality service to meet the ever-growing needs of customers, especially for educational institutions that prepare the professionals responsible for applying the Marketing in different spheres
When deepening the study of Marketing we must emphasize that it has its bases in antiquity, linked to the development of trade, so that its evolution is a consequence of the changes: economic, political and social that humanity has gone through.
Nowadays, Marketing plays an essential role in the economy of companies and the increase of profits fundamentally in the sphere of services.
The introduction of Marketing in the fields of Services is a must if you want to guarantee the future of a professional with a high level of updating, competitiveness and knowledge according to the demands of modern marketing.
An important fact is that Marketing emerged in Capitalism as a need for the organization of the circulation of goods, where production, change and consumption are part of the economic cycle described by Marx, noting that: “Consumption creates the production mobile” (1).
In this context, on the basis of technological development arises THE USE OF ELECTRONIC COMMERCE AS A FORM OF INTERACTION IN BUSINESS STRATEGIC PLANNING, a relevant proposal to conceive the relationship of exchange, which as a technique is the implementation of the practical application of this philosophy of modern action.