Introducción a la seguridad informática y el análisis de vulnerabilidades


Currently the computer and especially information is one of the main assets of organizations and companies, there are different types of threats that threaten the proper functioning of these entities, such as viruses, malware, cybercriminals, spyware and a number of threats existing, daily different equipment is used, especially mobile phones that are connected to the internet, the biggest source of security threats.

This book has as main objective to know the different concepts of computer security, the preventive, corrective and detective mechanisms of the threats that may arise will be studied. This research work is aimed at computer students, security professionals and teachers who venture into the world of computer security, since the tools described are used in several areas of security knowledge. The content of the work in its different chapters provides knowledge on the basics of cybersecurity, concepts about risks, threats and the different vulnerabilities that can be found in the infrastructure of an organization and the possible solutions to mitigate these threats.

This paper also analyzes the different methodologies for the analysis of vulnerabilities, detection, different types of scans and especially the remediation of vulnerabilities, also emphasizes the different tools for the analysis of both proprietary and free vulnerabilities and finally the final chapter details an example of a security audit to detect the different vulnerabilities in a data network and finally the final chapter deals with methods of in-depth defense in the systems and the awareness of users towards the problems which represent the failure to follow the company’s security policies.



Martha Irene Romero Castro
Grace Liliana Figueroa Morán
Denisse Soraya Vera Navarrete
José Efraín Álava Cruzatty
Galo Roberto Parrales Anzúles
Christian José Álava Mero
Ángel Leonardo Murillo Quimiz
Miriam Adriana Castillo Merino