Guía metodológica para la evaluación técnica informática de la implementación de educación y capacitación virtual – COBIT 5

This work is based on the development of the computer technical evaluation of the virtual training modality of a VIRTUAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING INSTITUTION, for which the International Reference Framework COBIT 5 is used, under the domain to build, acquire and implement, specifically focusing on the processes related to the implementation of virtual courses that are the following (BAI01: Manage the programs and projects, BAI02: Manage the definition of requirements, BAI03: Manage the identification and construction of solutions, BAI08: Manage knowledge). These processes serve as a reference in the Computer Technical Assessment by identifying the relevant points of the study object, as well as the critical IT risks, which are determined through an analysis of risk factors, this allows to identify the processes and activities to be evaluated. Through the use of audit instruments, information has been collected in the VIRTUAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING INSTITUTION from the direction of pedagogical design and coordination of training and virtual training, thus fulfilling each of the guidelines provided by the Reference Framework COBIT 5.

Finally, the audit report of the main findings found within the evaluation is developed and formally presented to the pedagogical design management, allowing the conclusions and recommendations to be presented based on the results obtained.