Estrategia educativa para fortalecer la formación de valores desde el proceso de enseñanza aprendizaje del área de inglés de los estudiantes del 7º año de la Escuela “Río Chone”

Education in values ​​is a vital factor, within the educational process since the objectives of education not only aim to instruct students in the academic part but also in the training part. In this sense, he agrees with Bombino López (2004) when he mentions, “Education in values ​​is the conception of all educational activity based on a platform of essential human values ​​that respond to the conditions of time and place in which the process of formation of the individual “.

The formation of values ​​has a great significance in the field of education, as it constitutes one of the main objectives of this process of moral development of children, adolescents and young people; development that although problematic and not free of contradictions must occur in the educational process, it is essential to defend a specific way of being and thinking, and with it the set of values ​​and ideals that identify us.

The problem of the formation of values ​​has been present throughout the development of humanity. Since man was driven to the transformation of the natural environment in which he lived to adapt it to satisfy his increasingly growing needs, values ​​emerged, showing results in the individual order and


Las autoras:
Msc. Veronica Chavez
Msc. Marcia Chiluisa
Msc. Laine Intriago
Msc. Sonia Castro