Elementos de química básica

Through this book you will obtain knowledge about a series of chemical elements, that by means of the chemistry and the use of formulas we will be able to determine their behavior when being alone and also when being together with another element.

The study of these elements involves deeply analyzing its history, applications, use, behavior and compounds that can be obtained with the study of them, in order to do the aforementioned we have to have basic and intermediate knowledge of chemistry.

The importance of studying these elements is very important within the creation of compounds and also in the academic part because this book has more academic purposes than other types of purposes. Currently, these types of methodologies are widely used in the field of education because they are widely accepted by readers and students.

Consequently the authors of this book offer a vision from their perspective and their experience to explain in a didactic and simple way the concepts and theories of the study of chemical elements that are fundamental for a professional of these characteristics.


Ángel Fortunato Bernal Álava
Lucy Maritza García Lucas
Julio Dagoberto Cevallos Villamar
Mercedes del Rosario Acuña Acebo
Tayron Omar Manrique Toala
Tania Maricela Macías Parrales