Elementos de álgebra lineal y geometría del plano para ingenieros

The work presented is aimed at developing students’ abilities and skills in basic topics of linear algebra and plane geometry. That they promote the development of logical-algorithmic reasoning, facilitating the understanding that the theories and methods of mathematics allow to formulate models for the interpretation and solution of problems: of life in society, the productive activity and to minimize the subjectivity in the taking of decisions.

The book presents the particularity that is constructed without following the historical development that originated the linear algebra. It presents sets of mathematical objects that when structuring them by defining operations among their elements, show that they satisfy properties and behave in a similar way independent of their nature. The exercises and problems of application are conceived, through the study of cases. Generalizing at the end of each topic procedures that can attack the largest number of cases. That is, through induction-deduction.

The work is aimed at students who receive the topics presented in the curriculums of engineering careers and teachers who teach the topics presented. We would be grateful to everyone who submits suggestions and observations. That allow to enrich the work to new editions.