El flipped learning, el aprendizaje colaborativo y las herramientas virtuales en la educación

Currently education and especially technological tools along with teaching and learning methodologies are gaining ground in education, one of these methodologies is flipped learning. The main objective of this book is to analyze the different concepts of the inverted classroom, what are the necessary elements to apply it, what is the role of teachers and students in this process and how to use the technological foundations to be able to make the most of the learning .

Also, the previous phases for the implementation of flipped learning will be analyzed, the different levels of visualization of the actors involved in the process will be analyzed, which are the phases of development and the different dynamics of groups for learning.

It will also deal with topics about collaborative learning, since it is a concept used many years ago by pedagogues from all over the world, as well as describing some of the tools used in collaborative work, the techniques that are applied and the most used virtual environments in the academic environment.

Finally, the tools based on free software will be used to create online classes such as Google Classroom and Google Drive tools as collaborative work applications for the learning process and teaching in the educational field.




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