Diseño de una estrategia didáctica para el desarrollo de la habilidad oral (speaking) en el bachillerato general unificado

DESCRIPTION OF THE BOOK The present work is developed in six chapters: Chapter I, corresponding to the Introduction, provides in a general way the information contained within the thesis work, it briefly describes the problem solved, the methodology applied, as well as the final conclusions of the author. Chapter II, corresponding to the Proposal of work proposal contains information regarding the description of the problem, which for this study is the development of the oral ability of the language, also within this chapter determines the questions inherent to the research problem, as well as as the general and specific objectives set for the development of this thesis work. Finally, it has the goal of designing the teaching strategy that is to help the development of oral skills of students of the Unified General Baccalaureate. Chapter III, corresponding to the Theoretical Framework represents the theoretical information that was taken as a basis for the design of the teaching strategy, such as the teaching-learning process of English, the acquisition of a second language, etc. A section of great importance within this chapter is the one that refers to the State of the Art, in which are detailed those investigations and works previously carried out in relation to the same topic, especially in regard to the application of the approach by tasks in teaching the English language. Chapter IV, corresponding to the Methodology, is a substantial part of the design of the didactic strategy, since it shows the diagnosis about the limitations present in the Speaking activities, with which a clear identification of the tasks that were expected was achieved. be included within the didactic strategy in order to contribute to the development of the oral ability of the students of the Unified General Baccalaureate. Chapter V, corresponding to the Results represents the most important chapter in the development of the thesis work since it details the information concerning the validation of the didactic strategy. It shows the applied instrument for the validation of experts in the teaching of the English language, as well as the Check List provided by the teachers of the English language of the Educational Unit “Vicente León”, with which the usefulness of the strategy was determined . Chapter VI, shows the Conclusions and Recommendations for further research based on the results achieved with the Let`s Celebrate Task by Task didactic strategy.


Marco Beltran