Determinación mediante microabrasión del espesor y tasa de desgaste de recubrimientos delgados depositados sobre materiales metálicos

Microabrasion is a promising relatively new technique to characterize
coatings and surfaces of engineering components. The procedure is based on the principles of abrasive wear by third body. The technique allows estimating the wear resistance of the tested surface, but also reveals other very relevant data such as thickness or number of layers, in the case of the existence of coating. In addition, it can be applied to hard coatings of thin layer, where other test techniques are not effective. This process is very attractive due to its simplicity of application. It does not require very sophisticated equipment and the test procedure is very simple. Although all the parameters that characterize the test must be carefully controlled to maintain a high reproducibility index in the results.
Every day it is about extending the useful life and performance of the mechanical systems that are at the service of man, increasing its efficiency and improving its performance. In this search to improve these conditions, the technology of surface treatments and thin layer coatings is very important today, and this has led to the recognition of the value of the study of surfaces and the understanding of the mechanisms that are generated there, since that most of the failures that occur due to wear, corrosion, etc. derive from these. Given the above, it is essential to characterize the coatings mechanically and tribologically in order to improve their properties and consequently their performance in operation. To optimize certain properties of the coatings, it is necessary to properly design the deposit process by selecting indicated parameters and to carry out this task effectively it is necessary to characterize the properties of the coatings obtained.


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