Control estadístico de la calidad: Una aplicación práctica


This publication aims to make a practical application of the most common techniques of Statistical Quality Control.
For this purpose, the activities carried out were initially identified and plotted on a map by levels. Subsequently, the equipment and technology used were determined, in order to know those that required calibration or maintenance, to ensure proper assembly.
To separate the process into inspection stages, the map was taken into account by levels and each one of the defects that could be presented, in order to determine when each of them should be analyzed, depending on its occurrence or criticality within the work flow The defects were determined by means of the "Operational Definition of Defect", in which a name, a code, a description is given and the measurement method for each one is established.
Finally, the necessary quality tools were chosen and the required templates for data collection were defined. Likewise, the use of each of them was simulated and a general action plan of the quality function in the company was established.


Mariana Palacios López
Víctor Gisbert Soler