The application of big data technology in online subject education innovation research

The application of big data technology in online subject education innovation research

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología – Volume 12 Issue 2 (Ed. 44)


Chengyi Huang*
Wengxi Tan
Xin Yan
Yun Tan
Heyue Wan



This paper applies big data technology to promote the innovative development of online subject education and improve students' self-learning efficiency to promote innovative management interaction in the education industry. In the design process, big data technology is used to mine and analyze massive educational data, combine the learning needs of online subjects, and provide technical support for six application levels of the online subject education system. Document transformation of education data is performed through the DCF mechanism, and the synchronization time slot is divided into a safe time slot and a reservation time slot. Then, the adaptive recommendation function is used to extract valuable information from behavioral data for personalized learning resource pushing. To verify the practical application effect of big data technology in the online subject education innovation system, the simulation analysis results show that after applying big data technology, the recommended resources preference of the education system is above 86%, the subject coverage rate is 90.48%, and the performance of test scores is improved by 17.5% relative to Class C. This shows that big data technology optimizes the application mode of online subject education and can provide students with better-quality educational resources.


Palabras clave


Big data technology; online subject education; DCF mechanism; adaptive recommendation function; subject coverage

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