Efficient system for CPU metric visualization

Efficient system for CPU metric visualization

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Publicado en 3C TIC – Volume 11 Issue 2 (Ed. 41)




There are multiple metrics associated with the smooth and efficient working of a computer system. Some of the crucial parts are like the CPU, memory usage and GPUs. For different Operating Systems, they have their own System Software for managing and analysing their sessions. Like Task Manager in Windows, Nmon in Linux and Activity Monitor in Mac. In addition to it, there are few applications software’s which perform similar tasks with slight modifications. In this paper, a web application is proposed that will fetch these performance metrics from the user's system and display them using dynamic charts. The proposed application is a system independent tool and can be useful for all operating system. The application also can be used to determine whether or not a game is compatible with the user's system based on the system requirements.


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CPU Metrics Visualization, Operating Systems, Resource Utilization, System Monitoring, Performance measures.

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