Modified Sobel Mask to Locate Knee Joint Boundaries

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Special Issue – March 2020



Sobel masking algorithm is a very important technique to detect edges in an image. Comparing the Sobel gradient operator with other edge/boundary detection operators used repeatedly; Making an additional study on the traditional Sobel gradient operator, the benefits of Sobel mask are its quick speed of detecting edges. Meanwhile, it has also an impact on suppressing and smoothing noise. In addition, Sobel operator has a standard effect on detecting the edges. Although Sobel gradient operator has some advantages in different aspects, it exists some problems. The Existing Sobel masking technique is a type of edge detection in vertical and horizontal directions only and it ignores the boundary points in other directions. It cannot attain a true location of edge points in an image. In this paper, the existing sobel technique is improved by adding an increase of 315 degrees and 360 degrees in horizontal and vertical directions. This will have an effect of detecting the knee joint space of osteoarthritis. According to simulation results, they show this method is very simple and feasible, and the outcomes are more abundant than traditional Sobel edge detection. In this paper edge detection and noise interference problems are improved.


Palabras clave

Osteoarthritis, Sobel mask, Image Processing Techniques.

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