Smart driving system with automatic driver alert and braking mechanism

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Special Issue – March 2020



Driving is one of the most important job for almost all people. Person use their vehicle to travel from one place to other. The count of automobiles is increasing every day. It increases the risk to accident. Currently, percentage numbers of accident are increasing drastically. One of the main reason for accident is the failure in concentration of the driver due to which he/she may fall asleep or sometimes due to the delay for applying the brake. A new system is developed that can solve these problems where an alert is given to the people present inside the vehicle to indicate that the driver is falling asleep and a co- system which can automatically stop the vehicle even if the driver may not brake manually due to obstacles. Our aim is to make a smart driving system with automatic waking alert and automatic braking system to ensure the safety of driving.


Palabras clave

Smart, Automatic, Braking.

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