Intelligent gas booking and leakage system using wireless sensor networks

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Special Issue – March 2020



Nowadays the technology is rapidly growing, and human life is becoming easier than the past. In our country maximum number of people is using LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) in several places like houses, shops and in many industries. To assemble of LPG is too diminutive. But it is very difficult to the illiterate people to understand and many of the people in our society is busy with their works, so that they can’t know the status of the gas and if the booking of the LPG gets delay then it will be uncomfortable to the people. In order to overcome this problem, Intelligent Gas booking and Leakage Detection System (IGLS) is proposed. When the LPG gas gets minimum weight then GSM drive the memo to the owner and warns about the LPG gas is getting over, so that the owner tries to book the LPG in advance. Huge numbers of people are facing the gas leakage problem. In order to avoid this drawback, a gas sensor is utilized to sense the gas outflow and switch ON the buzzer and sends a message of outflow of the gas to warn the owner. Proposed system will be benefitted for society.


Palabras clave

Gas sensor, Gas detector, Wireless Sensor networks, LCD display, Load cell, Buzzer, Arduino board.

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