Music recommendation system based on facial emotion recognition

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Special Issue – March 2020



Face recognition technology has widely attractedattention due to its enormous application value and marketpotential. It is being implemented in various fields like securitysystem, digital video processing, and many such technologicaladvances. Additionally, music is the form of art, which isknown to have a greater connection with a person’s emotion. Ithas got a unique ability to lift up one’s mood. Relatively, thispaper focuses on building an efficient music recommendationsystem which determines the emotion of user using FacialRecognition techniques. The algorithm implemented wouldprove to be more proficient than the existing systems. Moreover, on a larger dimension, this would render salvage oftime and labor invested in performing the process manually. The overall concept of the system is to recognize facial emotionand recommend songs efficiently. The proposed system will beboth time and cost efficient.


Palabras clave

Recognition, Artificial intelligence, OpenCV Application.

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