New Intuition on Ear Authentication with Gabor Filter Using Fuzzy Vault

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Special Issue – March 2020



At present, Frequent Biometrics Scientific Research deals with other biometric application like Face, Iris, Voice, Hand-Based Biometrics traits for classification and spotting out the persons. These Specific Biometric traits have their own improvement and weakness for opting the terms like Accuracy & cost of all applications. However, in addition to other Face-based Biometric techniques, Ear Recognition has been appealed to Boom the attention among other Biometric researchers. This Image Template Pattern Formation of Ear cuddles the report which is relevant for maculating the Uniqueness of their individuality. This Ear Biometric trait observes the person’s identity based on its stable Anatomical behavior. This biometric trait does not involve any emotional feelings with facial expressions in the same way as a unique pair of Fingerprint. In this work, a Contemporary approach for Personal identification is imported with Ear along with the data stores in a secured way has been proposed. This authentication Process includes the revolution of features with Gabor Filter and Dimension Reduction based on Multi-Manifold Discriminant Analysis (MMDA). This work is adequately analyzed in Matlab with the Evaluation metrics such as FMR, GAR, FNMR, by modifying the key value each time. The results of this suggested work promote better values in recognition of individuals as for Ear modalities. Conclusively the Features are grouped using K-Means for both identification and Verification Process. This Proposed system is initialized with Ear Recognition Template based on Fuzzy Vault. The Key stored in the Fuzzy Vault is utilized in safeguarding the existence of Chaff Points.


Palabras clave

2D Gabor Filter, Multi-Manifold Discriminant Analysis (MMDA), K-Means, False Matching Rate (FMR), False Non Matching Rate (FNMR), Genuine Acceptance Rate (GAR).

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