Control and alert mechanism of RFID door access control system using Iot

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Febrero/February 2022



The RFID Door Access Control System has been providing security and reliability to many secure medical and scientific facilities, official grounds, and locker rooms with confidential files with access key provided for a limited number of people. This system is an advanced hybridized one incorporating multiple access methods with enhanced security, making it easier for members to access the door and impossible for those without the access keys. The system uses three access methods to open the door. 1. A basic RFID Key tag and RFID EM reader, for permanent members. 2. A temporary password that can be input using a keypad, for temporary workers. 3. Remote Door access by administrator using IOT technology, for guests and visitors for a onetime visit. The system uses NIST to track time and data log all the details on the web server, data gets registered whenever the door is used. The date and time at which the door is accessed and the name of the person accessing the door gets registered every single time the door is used. If the system identifies a false access method or an intrusion, the base gets alerted through WI-FI and the door will be permanently locked unless the secure system is reset using a special administrator password. The door lock is activated by means of high torque servo motors with vibration sensors. In case if someone tries to damage the locking system, it will be identified by the system using the vibration sensor and the system alerts the base and gets locked.


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Automation, Security, RFID, Face detection, Smart door lock

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