Automation of report generation for functional testing – E-Services Operator

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Febrero/February 2022



Technology advances every day because the business world should not be left behind in it, so there is the adoption of new ways of doing business. This is how ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) plays a key role in these new companies converting traditional processes such as bringing your customers through a web converting to e-Commerce, to a digital process.

Due to the rise of ICT has been the implementation of electronic billing systems, this type of systems come to stay; improvements are given based on an already predetermined structure, mapping in a better way the taxes and operations of taxpayers. Then, this type of business implies having well-trained IT and accounting staff that allows the online sending of the CPE (electronic receipts).

Therefore, this project seeks to improve an internal process in the development phase of the OSE BIZ LINKS that grants validity to electronic receipts, for we will use tools that can be reusable over time, such as Data-Driven Testing, which is a testing technique that has as its pillar two types of data: real data (functional test results) and expected data (results that should have each functional test case), making a comparison of both proceedings to report according to each data compared in this process.


Palabras clave

ICT, Electronic bill, Electronic receipts, Data-Driven Testing, TDD, Reporting.

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