Design and analysis of sustainable beach cleaner

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Febrero/February 2022



This is the research paper for our project, an efficient and innovative Beach Cleaner. This consists of an introduction to the goals we wish to accomplish with this beach cleaner project that we have designed and analyzed. Our strategy also consists of a literature review of similar beach cleaner projects we found that have been developed in the past by various organizations, companies and students of universities worldwide, we discuss the problems that each of them aimed to eradicate, the problems they faced, how they strategized the whole project and discuss the results. The paper also comprises of a discussion on the steps we used to design and analyze the beach cleaner, and its functionality. Furthermore, we also studied the motion and stress graphs of the design, and concluded our research. We believe that this is the perfect solution to the pollution at the beach. We have successfully designed a beach cleaner that can be implemented easily into a working device.


Palabras clave

Beach Cleaner, Sustainable, Robot, Ecofriendly, Pollution, Garbage cleaner.

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