Design of an automatic limb therapy rehabilitation device

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Febrero/February 2022



The objective of this research work is to design an automatic rehabilitation device in charge of limb therapy in specialized rehabilitation centers. Within the methodology, the quantitative approach was followed, presenting a type of prospective research with a non- experimental design, for this the design of the device was elaborated in its different stages, which were segmented into electronic design, Adaptive structure and Control interface. For this, different matrices were elaborated to obtain the most important characteristics of the adaptive design. In addition, torque and weight calculations were carried out so that the device can work in optimal conditions. It was concluded in the realization of the design of the control and programming system, the adaptive structure of the same device, the power and control circuits for the electronic part, all this making use of the engineering programs Autodesk Inventor, Proteus, Pic C Compiler. Likewise, the simulation was carried out to ensure the correct functioning of the device. Finally, a stress analysis was performed, obtaining a fairly high safety factor.


Palabras clave

Mechatronics, Device, Systems, Rehabilitation, Physiotherapists.

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