The concept “student” in the Russian and German linguocultures

The concept “student” in the Russian and German linguocultures

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Publicado en 3C TIC. Edición Especial – Octubre 2019

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The research rationale for the problem under study is in the profound changes which happened recently in Russia and affected the educational sphere and influenced the development of the Russian language, in particular the activisation of the metaphorical statements use processes in academic discourse. The purpose of the article lies in consideration of metaphorical diffuseness of the academic concept “Student” in the Russian and German linguocultures. The leading method in this research is the analysis of metaphorical diffuseness of the above-mentioned concept on the basis of the analysis of lexical units of full text databases of the German and Russian media, fiction, and Internet communication. As a result of the performed analysis it was revealed that in language picture of the world the appeal to the concept “Student” is quite popular. The figurative component of the concept is clearly expressed. But for language consciousness the most relevant is the German concept as its extra-zone includes some associations which were not found in the Russian language picture of the world. The material of the article can be useful in Lexicology of the German and Russian languages, in training courses on cross-cultural communication, regional geography and linguistic and cultural studies of Russia and Germany, in practice of the Russian and German academic communication.


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Language, Linguistics, Student, Concept, Higher education, Analysis, Lexeme.

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