Movement of financial resources in affiliated SMES

Movement of financial resources in affiliated SMES

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Publicado en 3C TIC. Edición Especial – Octubre 2019

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The object of the study is represented by non-public companies not listed on the Russian organized stock market, with related, subsidiary, affiliated companies. All companies are small and medium-sized enterprises. The subject of the study was cash flows of companies associated with the attraction, distribution and redistribution of financial resources within the affiliate structure. We observed 94 SMEs of the Republic of Tatarstan, forming 12 affiliated structures. In 92% of affiliated structures, the interests of the owners of the parent companies or the interests of the owners of key companies were violated. The following results were obtained: we studied and described two main types of affiliated structures with violated interests of the owners; we highlighted the essential features of affiliated structures in which the interests of owners are violated; we described the basic scheme of movement of financial resources indicating a violation of the owners’ interests; we proposed a method of justifying the price of providing financial resources for distribution within the affiliate structure.


Palabras clave


Investor, Affiliates, Financial resources, Parent company, Tax effect, Cost of financial resources, Movement of financial resources, Cash flow.

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