Interdisciplinarity in studying modern Russian poetry in school

Interdisciplinarity in studying modern Russian poetry in school

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Publicado en 3C TIC. Edición Especial – Octubre 2019

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In the methodology of teaching literature and in school practice, traditionally much attention is paid to the problem of interdisciplinary connections, while the issues of intra-disciplinary interaction of literary material within the school course are not sufficiently developed by methodologists. The presence of this problem is felt especially acute in the study of literature in high school, when students ‘ knowledge is generalized not only at the synchronic, but also diachronic levels. With consistent updating of various levels of artistic communication, the study of the historical and literary course acquires a broad dialogical focus, forming the skills of contextual examination of literary phenomena in students. In this article, we will consider building intra-disciplinary relations in the lessons of studying modern Russian poetry at school. First, various artistic universals (archetypes, mythologems, topos, “eternal” motives) are actualized, which have important methodological significance and allow students to make broad historical and cultural generalizations at the lessons. Holistic comprehension of a work of art in the context of the historical and literary process is determined by the definition of various types of intertext artistic interactions (borrowings, imitations, parodies, reminiscences, citations) reflecting the principle of continuity of literary phenomena. At the same time, it is very important to identify historical and biographical ties, a creative dialogue between contemporary poets and poets of various eras. It can be mentoring, apprenticeship, co-authorship, rivalry, continuity, tradition actualization, “attraction - repulsion” type of relationships, influence, and others.


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Methods of Teaching Literature, Intra-Disciplinary Relations, Innovative Methods of Teaching Literature, Modern Russian Poetry.

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