Project management and its relation to land management in the San Pablo town center, Valera District, Bongará – Amazonas

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Febrero/February 2022



The objective of this research is to propose project management and its relationship with the control of the territory, in the population nucleus of San Pablo, district of Valera, Bongará-Amazonas, the inadequate management of the projects results in the misuse and management of the territory, as well as in each of its specific aspects for each subzone of the region, the research has a qualitative approach, descriptive-explanatory type. The sources were primary, including the plan mentioned above and supporting documents. The main instrument was a data collection table of our elaboration and based on the Corine Land Cover model. It was also based on data collection, mapping, and measuring geographic areas, both from documents and the field. As a result, a quantity of territory is proposed for each activity, delimiting it in a suitable place through projects for the adequate management of the region. In the case of the “Agricultural and Reforestation Zone”, of a total of 1,042 Ha, 937.8 Ha (90% can be recovered, so it is emphasized that projects and their prior management, from the planning stage at the territorial level, can give an approximation of what is expected for its future execution and be more efficient.


Palabras clave

Management, Projects, Territory, Ordering.

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