OdorSense: measuring, assessment and alerting the health effects of odor pollution

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Mayo/May 2021



Nowadays there is an increased conflict between residents and government bodies /or industries due to unpleasant or offensive Odor smells emanating from different sources, interfacing with person’s enjoyment of life as they are frequent and persistent. The main concern among all the residents is the health effects of toxic Odor gases (like, ammonia, Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulphide) released from the waste dumping sites, drainages, food & meat processing industries, etc., causing dreadful diseases to the living beings. There is urgent need of an intelligent mechanism, which allows every common people access the Odor pollution information through user friendly applications. Hence the main objective of the proposed research work was to develop an intelligent mechanism for detecting, measuring and alerting the health effects of Odor pollution. The research work follows design o an artificial olfaction system based electronic nose using low cost, low power and improved accuracy sensors for detection and real-time measurement of Odor concentrations at various sources of Odor emissions, uploading the Odor concentrations to IoT cloud for remote monitoring and alerting. User friendly interface application developed for providing real time information about the Odor levels at the desired source and alerting the health effects if the Odor concentration levels increases above the threshold levels.


Palabras clave

Odor pollution, Odor Measurement, Odor concentration, Artificial olfaction system (E-Nose), User Interface (Mobile Application), Health survey, IoT Cloud, Risk Assessment.

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