Improvement of students critical thinking through the using of the method of case studies

Improvement of students critical thinking through the using of the method of case studies

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Publicado en 3C TIC. Edición Especial – Octubre 2019

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The conditions of modernization of modern reality require the introduction of new teaching methods that consider the subjective needs of the individual and provide for anybody with the opportunity to build an individual trajectory of development. The development of critical thinking among students in the modern education system is one of the important directions in the development of moral, comprehensively developed personality. In addition to the fact that critical thinking is metasubject and can be applied in all spheres of life, it is necessary to optimize the work of students in different subjects of the educational program. The study used method of case study that is one of the very perspective instruments for the improvement of the educational theory and practice. Case study is a method that uses description of situation from real educational practice and life at all. Working with each situation allows you to develop the ability to analyze, draw conclusions, evaluate and interpret. Cases contain not only information about the situation, but also additional sources of information, such as illustrations or criteria for their evaluation. We have developed a technique for the development of critical thinking in the process of creating illustrations for literary works in the technique of linocut. Within the framework of this technique, nine cases have been developed. The study concluded that the advantage of cases is the ability to optimally combine theory and practice. The method of cases contributes to the development of the ability to analyze, interpret, draw conclusions on a specific situation and evaluate, choose the best option and plan its implementation, which can significantly improve the efficiency of critical thinking in students.


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Critical thinking, Case studies, High education, Student, Personal development.

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